So, I am finally back in some small semblance of the word. For those of you who have not followed my blog in any capacity let me provide you with a short and very abbreviated recap:

I gave birth to my wonderful son in 2010. His birth resulted in permanent nerve damage to me. The pain from the nerve damage got worse and worse and worse. I finally had to stop working and eventually lost my job in July of 2012 because of my medical condition (pudendal  neuralgia.)

Approximately six months after my son was born and I was diagnosed with this permanent nerve condition, I decided to sue the birth center.  Well, the trial started on 4/8/13.  It lasted approximately two weeks.  We won. They were found guilty of medical negligence and were found to be responsible for the harm that they caused me.

So, I have had justice. Monetarily this was not some huge win.  However, the guilty verdict was priceless, at least it was and is priceless for me.  So where does that leave me?  Well I am on many medications and still in pain.  I am unable to work, still.  So I am left with trying to move forward to some semblance of life.

Which brings me back to here, my blog, my website.  Maybe now that I have found an internal peace from obtaining justice, I will try to start blogging again.  I make no current guarantees to the frequency, but I shall try.

So here is some advice, never give up.  Believe me, I know that life can look bleak, but giving up gets you nothing and takes you nowhere. Fight. Even if it is for something small.  Even if it is simply to see your child smile, fight whatever is bringing you down. If you are a writer, use the emotion and write. If you are an artist of any kind, create.  Let loose and charge into battle. You may surprise yourself; you just may win.

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