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Dear Reader,

If you are at this website, then I’m going to assume (Yes, I know what they say about assuming) that you might want to know something about me.  Well, here are a few fun facts for you.

I was adopted from Calcutta, India when I was a baby. Other than my brief period in India and the plane trip over (which I do wish I could remember but alas I cannot) I have lived in Oregon my entire life.

I love dogs and have two.  I also love going to beach and on hikes.  I’m big into nature.  I’m married and we have one son, Alex who was born in March 2010.

I was introduced to books at an early age.  Most of my family loves to read.  It is something that stuck with me.  My husband and I are both avid readers.  I knew that I wanted to write professionally when I was around nine years old, maybe younger.  I love writing, and I love reading.

I currently work full time and write every spare chance that I get.  I have a bachelor’s degree in English from Linfield College.  I belong to the Willamette Writers and enjoy the yearly conference immensely.   I volunteer for the Arts Alliance of Yamhill County, assisting with the AAYC quarterly.  I also belong to a local writing critique group that meets twice a month.  Their input is very valuable to me and has helped me improve my prose.

I enjoy public speaking and was on the speech and debate team in college.

If you would like to know anything else about me, then please email me and ask.